Art Director

Posted Date: October 10, 2018

About the Company

The current job offering is for a position within Meow Wolf Creative Studios, an interdisciplinary, collaborative nexus focused around the creation of immersive art experiences – combining architectural design, art, custom technology, fabrication, and digital content development.

The ethos of the company is often described as radically inclusive; collaborators are given space to be expressive, creative, and effective. Unlike a traditional corporate setting, this produces an environment where no job is too low for anyone and no ambition too high.

Job Description

A Meow Wolf Art Director drives the creative side of projects. Working with all collaborators, they establish and develop designs and concepts, consult on materials and methods, and consult on or create prototypes and concept art. They guide projects during production and install, helping to identify creative solutions to the many wild complications that arise as we maneuver new territory. Depending on the project, an Art Director may be the holder of core creative, serving to protect and intelligently evolve ideas throughout the process, or they may be a bridge, helping the project’s creative leads and other stakeholders find shared solutions. Art Directors work to safeguard the creative excellence and high caliber workmanship expected out of all projects, while problem solving to deliver within project constraints.

An Art Director is a collaborative leader. They find connective threads to help turn group ideas, singular concepts and project parameters into cohesive frameworks with respect to all collaborators. They act as creative arbitrator to balance conflicting priorities and are responsible for keeping the big picture in mind to catch red flags and make out-of-project connections. An Art Director works with project managers, other creative leadership, internal and external artists, and across departments, using creative problem solving to help projects be their best.

“Art Director” is a mid-level role in the Creative Direction team. Depending on the project, an Art Director will likely work under a Creative Director and with the help of various members of the Creative Direction team.

Job Requirements

  • Demonstrate diverse history of working in the arts or other creative fields, 5+ years preferred
  • Experience in working and leading collaboratively
  • Curation, art direction, collaborative arts, and/or creative leadership experience
  • Knowledge of various art materials, equipment, and processes, as well as safe studio practices
  • Friendly, patient, and with a sense of humor; comfortable working with large, diverse teams of people on a daily basis
  • Experience with site-specific and immersive installation
  • Highly skilled with a broad range mediums; 2D, 3D and/or 4D
  • Experience with a broad range of scales of work – from massive to minute
  • Experience and comfort with various computing platforms; Adobe Creative Suite, Procreate or other 2D drawing and imaging applications, etc

Helpful Skills and Experience

  • DIY experience a big plus!
  • Experience with narrative and storytelling
  • Experience with public or permanent art
  • Experience with multimedia and/or interactive art
  • Familiarity with transportation, logistics, storage, safety and durability of art exhibitions
  • Experience managing creative teams and interdisciplinary artistic projects
  • Experience with Google Suite, Excel/Sheets, Microsoft Office, and project management softwares
  • Familiarity with Rhino, Sketch-Up, or other 3D modeling softwares
  • Experience with architecture, engineering, construction
  • Experience in film or theater set design and construction

Job Responsibilities

  • Lead, oversee, and/or advise in the development and execution of creative projects, in tandem with project managers and directors
  • Lead and/or contribute to brainstorming ideas, developing concepts, and strategic planning
  • Serve as a creative mediator, helping art and artists fit within project constraints
  • Serve as aesthetic arbitrator, accountable for the creative excellence of a project
  • Maneuvering relationships with artists to keep all parties feeling good about the aesthetic direction of a project
  • Ability to lead without ego; ability to drive a project while supporting others to do their best work
  • To balance when to act decisively and when to step back
  • Support artists in selection of aesthetic and material approaches to projects
  • Collaborate with Narrative, Merch, MWE, and other divisions to identify, track, and develop creative threads that link across Meow Wolf
  • Follow Project Management systems for all activities related to assigned projects
    Serve as day-to-day resource for questions and advice in regards to assigned projects
  • Contribute to organizing and executing other projects as needed
  • Maintain sufficient familiarity with life safety code, fire code, ADA code, etc to identify possible problems
  • Assist in creative problem solving for any project as need arises
  • Ability to roll with change as it comes along – every day


$55000 - $60000 Per Year

Time Commitment

Full Time


Business Unit


Full-time employees receive the following benefits:

  • Paid time off
  • Health Insurance
  • Free gym membership (Santa Fe only)
  • 2 classes per semester at Santa Fe Community College
  • As a rapidly growing company, our benefits will be expanding and a more comprehensive package is soon to follow.

This is an opportunity to become a part of a dynamic and collaborative culture, a beacon of creativity and community in the global economy. Meow Wolf employees are given the space to be expressive, creative and effective. Unlike a traditional corporate setting, this produces an environment where no job is too low for anyone and no ambition too high.