Mixed Reality (AR/MR/VR) Executive Producer

Posted Date: April 25, 2018

About this Position

Meow Wolf is an art collective and production company creating and operating immersive, interactive multimedia experiences that transport audiences of all ages to fantastical realms of storytelling. Founded in 2008 by a small group of artists, writers, musicians, and makers looking to create an egalitarian space for artistic expression, Meow Wolf’s first exhibits were created in warehouses on shoestring budgets. Since then Meow Wolf has created 25 exhibitions throughout the United States working with hundreds of artists.

The ethos of the company is often described as radically inclusive; collaborators are given space to be expressive, creative, and effective. Unlike a traditional corporate setting, this produces an environment where no job is too low for anyone and no ambition too high.

Job Description

Meow Wolf is seeking an experienced Executive Producer to join our Mixed Reality team and shepherd large-scale projects to success. The Executive Producer role integrates Project Management and Creative Direction, steering production of a digital layer that ties into our large-scale exhibitions. Reporting directly to the VP of Entertainment, the Executive Producer works closely with all Meow Wolf Officers and Art Directors who set the creative vision and direction of the project. The Executive Producer must be effective at managing and integrating complex Mixed Reality processes, ultimately producing mind-blowing, immersive experiences that profoundly engage and inspire audiences. S/he must be calm under pressure and have experience managing multi-million dollar budgets. Most importantly s/he must be able to facilitate the balance between creativity, exploration, and discovery while bringing projects in on time and within budget.

The Executive Producer must be capable of building an effective team to support them in executing this project. The Executive Producer is responsible for developing a dynamic and effective pipeline that integrates in-house capacity with third-party contractors, artists, and vendors. In their first project, a large percentage of the needed production capacity will be outsourced to contractors.

The Executive Producer will work in the trenches with artists, designers, programmers, audio specialists, and QA, defining the project and how best to bring ideas to life in Mixed Reality.

Job Requirements

  • 5-7 years of experience in Production for interactive software projects
  • At least 3 shipped interactive software projects with a full development cycle from concept through completion
  • Working knowledge of modern game engines and 3D art production pipelines
  • Expert knowledge of interactive software production processes, timelines, tools and methodologies
  • Familiar with Agile / Scrum development framework, able to implement and adapt to meet the needs of individual projects
  • Demonstrated experience working with and leading cross-functional teams
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Responsible to lead multiple complex, multi-disciplinary engineering projects.
  • Provide Program Management leadership to multiple software engineering teams.
  • Manage software features, requirement analysis, technology selection, architecture activities.
  • Plan, manage and prioritize implementation tasks for features, defects, projects, and releases.
  • Work with content application/content developers and development communities.
  • Work with internal and external organizations to manage interdependencies and to develop and integrate innovative solutions.
  • Follow technology trends and developments to rapidly absorb new knowledge bases and incorporate them into new and existing features.
  • Experience with game development or location-based experiences is strongly preferred.

Job Responsibilities

  • Creative Direction – Assist leadership in curating and cultivating the creative direction and intention
  • Empathy – Help us stay true to our roots and core as we grow and expand into new markets and develop relationships with new artists and communities
  • Leadership – Maintaining accountability within the team. Lead by example through hard work, vision, good communication, and dedication to the project, setting the tone for everyone else involved.
  • Leading the day-to-day management of Mixed Reality projects and provide guidance and oversight to other production staff.
  • You are accountable for successful delivery, ensuring quality, and making the right decisions for the team, the product, and end users.
  • Candidates should have a minimum of 5-7 years in Mixed Reality/AR/VR production with at least 3 shipped projects with a full development cycle from concept through to completion.
  • This position requires strong communication skills and the ability to work closely with other team leads and subordinates. You will have the opportunity to work with an experienced team of industry veterans who are toiling hard to create something amazing and world-changing.
  • This individual is passionate about Mixed Reality’s role in the future of computing and is ready and eager for the challenges involved in creating world-class experiences that fulfill the potential of groundbreaking technology.


$65000 - $70000 Per Year

Time Commitment

Full Time


Business Unit


Full-time employees receive the following benefits:

  • Paid time off
  • Health Insurance
  • Free gym membership (Santa Fe only)
  • 2 classes per semester at Santa Fe Community College
  • As a rapidly growing company, our benefits will be expanding and a more comprehensive package is soon to follow.

This is an opportunity to become a part of a dynamic and collaborative culture, a beacon of creativity and community in the global economy. Meow Wolf employees are given the space to be expressive, creative and effective. Unlike a traditional corporate setting, this produces an environment where no job is too low for anyone and no ambition too high.