Lighting Designer and Maintenance Tech

Posted Date: August 2, 2017

About this Position

The Lighting Designer and Tech Maintenance role is a hybrid role between lighting design for events, performances, and maintenance support. Event lighting designs includes design and lighting operation for concerts, parties, and other special events in our facilities and other venues we program for around Santa Fe. Performance lighting design includes overhauling lighting design components in our exhibitions for Halloween performances and similar redesign of the space. Tech Maintenance includes working with our Tech Maintenance Lead to fix and troubleshoot ongoing maintenance issues with the exhibit.

The job will require being available to work on evenings and weekends, with a somewhat irregular schedule depending on our event schedule.

Meow Wolf is an arts collective and production company that creates and operates immersive, interactive multimedia experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastical realms of storytelling. Founded in 2008 by a small group of artists, writers, musicians, and makers looking to create an egalitarian space for artistic expression, Meow Wolf’s first exhibits were created in warehouses on shoestring budgets. Since then, Meow Wolf has created 25 exhibits all over the United States, and worked with hundreds of artists.

The current job offering is to work with Meow Wolf Inc., dba Meow Wolf Creative Studios (hereafter referred to as Creative Studios), which Meow Wolf established in January 2017 as the parent organization for all of Meow Wolf’s subsidiary endeavors. Creative Studios is one of the fastest growing startups in New Mexico and is a Delaware registered B Corporation, a socially responsible business designation. The company is working to expand to other cities, but will operate from headquarters in Santa Fe, NM. Creative Studios currently has three subsidiaries and is raising investment to expand parent company activities to become a full creative studio.

The ethos of the company is often described as radically inclusive, where people are given the space to be expressive, creative, and effective. Unlike a traditional corporate setting, this produces an environment where no job is too low for anyone, and no ambition too high.

Job Description

Job Requirements

Strong understanding of electronics, how to troubleshoot and maintain them

Strong understanding of lighting design for live entertainment

Strong organizational skills including time management and budgeting

Working knowledge of MAX MSP and ability to debug and contribute to Max software

Ability to learn new systems quickly

Solid communication skills

Flexible work schedule (allways 40 hours per week)

Familiarity with the following a plus:  Python, Arduino, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, Javascript, Unity, Touch Designer, Network Engineering & IT infrastructure, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering


Job Responsibilities

1: Reporting to Tech Maintenance Lead on all maintenance related tasks

2: Reporting to Events Director for lighting design

3: Reporting to special performance project managers on an as needed basis.

4: Operating custom lighting control systems we have developed in house

5: Operating established lighting control boards.

6: Designing and installing lighting for the stage and for exhibitions overhauls, as needed


Application instructions:

Please provide a cover letter answering the following questions:

  1. What technologies, platforms, processes, and/or languages are you most familiar with?
  2. What technologies do you hope to learn more about or work with in the future?
  3. What is(are) your greatest strength(s) as a technologist?
  4. What is most exciting to you about joining the Meow Wolf Tech Team?
  5. Anything else you want us to know?


Please send examples of relevant previous projects.


$55000 DOE

Time Commitment

Full Time


Business Unit


Full-time employees receive the following benefits:

  • Paid time off
  • Health Insurance
  • Free gym membership (Santa Fe only)
  • 2 classes per semester at Santa Fe Community College
  • As a rapidly growing company, our benefits will be expanding and a more comprehensive package is soon to follow.

This is an opportunity to become a part of a dynamic and collaborative culture, a beacon of creativity and community in the global economy. Meow Wolf employees are given the space to be expressive, creative and effective. Unlike a traditional corporate setting, this produces an environment where no job is too low for anyone and no ambition too high.